January 2019

Local Contractors Combine Forces to Support Large-Scale Projects in the Texas Gulf Coast Area

Houston‐based civil construction firms, Boyer Inc., BRH‐Garver Construction, LP, Main Lane Industries, Ltd. (a subsidiary of mc2 civil, inc.), and Reytec Construction Resources, Inc. announce a professional alliance as Five Companies, LLC. Under this partnership, the firms will leverage over 150 years of combined industry experience, and a workforce of more than 500, to serve its clients.

Five Companies will provide infrastructure solutions, including: Civil Engineering Construction Services, Infrastructure Development, Utilities Construction (rehabilitation and new construction), Site Development and Preparation, Facilities Construction, Tunneling Construction, Pipeline Construction, Concrete and Paving. Specialty services will include: Trenchless Construction, Open‐Cut, Directional Boring, Tunneling and Micro-tunneling, Compressor Stations, Pump Stations, Metering Stations, Mainline Valve Replacements, and Emergency Repairs. This team of experienced contractors are focusing their efforts in Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast Area.

“It’s just the right time (for the partnership)”, states Mark Boyer, President of Boyer, Inc. “The expertise and past performance each firm brings to the table—particularly local experience—makes it a win‐win for Five Companies and our clients. This team represents a true locally‐focused, Texas Gulf Coast‐based solution.”

Committed to supporting and advancing construction in the Texas Gulf Coast area, each firm is active in industry associations, including Houston Contractors Association (HCA), in which a principal of each firm has held the position of President.

Five Companies will begin serving clients in early 2019.

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